Peniel Fellowship Worship

New Hebrew worship from Israel!

We are excited to announce the release of our first tracks from our new CD "Preparing a Place", an album of live Israeli worship from the Peniel Fellowship of Tiberias, Israel! The album consists of originial Hebrew worship songs written and performed by the worship team of the congregation. 

Psalm 22:3 says that the Lord, the Holy One, is enthroned on the praises of Israel.  It is our desire, through our worship, to prepare a place where the Lord may dwell.  Join us in worshiping the Holy One of Israel through these songs of praise!

Download and listen to the full album here:


"Nachin Makom" (We Will Prepare a Place) is the title track of our new album release. 

Music and lyrics by Celeste Mills.

God is good to Israel and in "Ahalelcha Va'Aromemcha" (I Will Praise and Exalt You), Alona Radchik leads us in praising and exalting the the Lord for His great grace to us! 
Music and lyrics by Karyna Eger.


On this this fifth release from our album "Nachin Makom",  Karyna Eger leads us in her original song, "L'Cha Eshtachaveh" (To You I Will Bow Down), praising Yeshua, the Worthy Lamb who was sacrificed for us!

In this new worship song, "Yagel Libi" (My Heart Rejoices), we offer the fruit of our lips and declare, "I will sing to the Lord for His abundant goodness to me!"  Join us  as Karyna Eger leads us in her original  song of praise.

"Hineni Mistachaveh" (Here I am Bowing Down to Worship You) is the first track on the new release, Preparing a Place/Nachin Makom.

Music and lyrics by Cindy and Israel Nelson.

"Rumah Adonai" (Be Exalted, O Lord) is a popluar Messianic worship song sung in congregations across the country but written by our own Sue Orde.

"Kol Berech Tichra" is a declaration that one day EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW before the King of Kings, Yeshua! 
Music and lyrics by Sue Orde.

What great grace! This is what our song, "Rav Chasdecha" declares as we remember and give thanks to our Lord who protected and provided for our ancestors all those years in the desert and continues to protect and provide for us today.  Music and lyrics by Cindy & Israel Nelson.

"Adonai Ro'i"- The Lord is my Shepherd!  Join the worship team of the Peniel Fellowship as we sing one of the most well known and beloved Scriptures, Psalm 23, set to music by the late Andrei Yevstyfeiev and sung by Elena Yevstyfeiev-Bizhko.